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Maternal Instincts

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners awarded Heart of Ohio Family Health a $200,000 competitive grant to support Maternal Instincts, our new, intensive prenatal care program.
Still in early development, Maternal Instincts is a bold multi-disciplinary effort combining pre-natal visits with critical education for expectant mothers and referrals to vital community and in-home services. Maternal Instincts will continue to provide vital linkages to services, including referrals to our family practice providers after delivery to help both mother and baby thrive.
In 2014, Whitehall Family Health was selected by CareSource, a nonprofit Dayton-based health plan and one of the largest Medicaid managed health care plans in the country, as the referral site for their high-risk pregnant patients living in the surrounding community. The objective is to decrease the risks of infant mortality by getting high-risk pregnant women in for education and care early in the pregnancy.

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To learn more about Maternal Instincts, please call our administrative offices at (614) 338-6821.

Heart of Ohio specializes in family and women's health care including pediatrics, OB/GYN, wellness visits, pharmacy assistance, preventive care and education, especially regarding diabetes, breast cancer and prenatal/postpartum care for new mothers.

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Heart of Ohio Family Health provides exceptional holistic medical care delivered by true professionals, but done personally, with real compassion and a celebration of diverse cultures and languages. We honor every individual and family with loving service.

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