A Note From Dr. M. Buhari Mohammed, CEO

At Heart of Ohio Family Health, we strive to provide high-quality, holistic and compassionate care to meet the healthcare needs of everyone in our diverse community. We engage in open, honest and courteous communication with everyone in the community. We act as a highly effective and collaborative team that reflects the diversity of our patients. We demonstrate empathy, compassion, patience, appreciation and support equally to all people at all times. We constantly seek to improve what we do to better ourselves, our patients and our community.

The commitment to create a community of dedicated leaders and professionals is an expression of caring, valuing and support for all the individuals who are part of our community. We are fortunate to have a community of individuals with diverse journeys, perspectives, beliefs, cultures, abilities and identities who are able to interact with and learn from each other and our patients. Ensuring that everyone is respected and receives equal access and opportunity is critical to fulfilling the promise of Heart of Ohio Family Health.

Since our founding in 2003, we have remained committed to our vision and to providing quality healthcare equitably to all. We are not just a healthcare provider, but a family that cares and nurtures each other. With a passion for helping people, we are advocates and activists celebrating all cultures and life.

Your partnership helps us foster a culture that embraces diversity and compassion. We are grateful to all of our community, philanthropic and mission partners who work with us to continually look for ways to transform healthcare that makes our community a healthier place to live!

Meet the CEO

Dr. M. Buhari Mohammed is a healthcare executive with over 20 years of clinical engagements and leadership experience. As CEO of Heart of Ohio Family Health, Dr. Mohammed is focused on impact of the health care delivery by improving access to care, with emphasis on patient experience and strengthening the workforce.

Prior to joining Heart of Ohio Family Health, Dr. Mohammed practiced medicine as a general practitioner and then worked with PrimaryOne Health in an executive capacity, another FQHC in Central Ohio for more than 16 years.

Dr. Mohammed excels at bridging the gap between clinical and administration by utilizing effective communication strategies. Dr. Mohammed is a selfless, result oriented, data-driven leader who is passionate for providing quality healthcare to all. Dr. Mohammed is a clinical consultant that provides operational site review with the Management Strategists Consulting Group (MSCG), working with Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) under U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).